Kit Trigg

kit trigg

A new face for Blues Rock is developing in London in the form of Kit Trigg. The two piece have shaken up the genre and given it a much darker side; in doing so have slid right into the public eye.

As soon as I listened to the band, both Blues Rock connoisseurs’ Jack White and Queens of the Stone Age entered my mind. It wasn’t the heavy guitar riffs or the Booming and Splashy Drums, but the ability to smoothly transition from one part of a song to the next in total unanimity.

Shaped by the likes of Ry Cooder and Royal Blood, Kit Trigg have brought the old and the new together in a very impelling style. The rasp, bellowing vocals produced by lead singer Kit ruggedly harmonise with his guitar as drummer Nic Sleight lays down punchy and piercing drum beats.

The track ‘I feel so much better’ shares a similar bouncy rhythm found in the Royal Blood song ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ and it seems the band are following the same footsteps as the Brighton duo having recently performed for the BBC Introducing at Maida Vale studios. During the session they also played several other songs including another single ‘Lucky Smile’ which conjointly helped to draw some rubbernecking from the BBC.

The band are currently restrained by their lack of material which prevents them from playing longer sets on much bigger stages. However, as long as they keep writing material just like their singles, I predict there will be a long and fruitful career for Kit Trigg.

Alex Hooton







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